St Winefride's Church in Shepshed and the communities of Hathern and Belton

Parish Priest:
Father Patrick Bassey Telephone 01509 502313
Address: The Presbytery
                     50 Charnwood road
         LE12 9QF
Parish Administrator: Phone 01509 502313



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Visit and Reception of the Holy Sacraments at home:
If you, or anyone you know, are struggling to attend Mass in Church at present for any reason and would welcome a visit by Father Patrick to talk with, receive the Holy Sacraments, and/or receive Holy Communion regularly in your home, please do not hesitate to contact Fr Patrick.

FAQs on assisted suicide
Given the ongoing debate on assisted suicide currently making headlines, with many well-known figures pushing for legalisation, it is worthwhile understanding why the Church has always been against euthanasia and assisted suicide.Follow this link for information from the Bishop's Conference

We Try to Be
To be a warm friendly and inclusive Church of individuals, all with a common purpose, growing in our spiritual lives in the service of God's will.
To be faithful in worship as a Church Family and aspire to be more dynamic and outgoing.
To move forward through fellowship, training, teaching and the development of pastoral care.
To bring Christ's reconciliation, blessings and message to every part of our community by the witness of our daily lives and the warmth of our support for others, especially those who are suffering, lonely or lost.