The Roman Catholic parish of Shepshed was founded in the early 19th century by Father Luigi Gentili of the Institute  of Charity  (Rosminians).
The original Pick Street church was built in less than a year by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin. Pugin designed and built the church out of local materials and refused to accept a fee for his work. The church was dedicated to God under the patronage of St Winefride on Friday, 18th November 1842. The Rosminian priests served the Shepshed mission until 1852. Then, the mission was kept alive until 1870 by the generosity of the priests of Mount Saint Bernard.

In 1870, Father John Aloysius Martens arrived in Shepshed and was destined to serve the parish for the next 46 years. Many achievements marked his stay in the parish and in particular the purchase of land and the property known as 'The Elms' (the current presbytery) plus the purchase of land in Britannia Street upon which to build a new school.

By the early 20th century, the increase in number of catholics in the parish meant that the church in Pick Street was no longer big enough. Canon Bernard Hobson, the parish priest, had to make provision for this increase. As an imaginative and engaging method of fundraising, the people of the parish were asked to buy bricks for the construction of the current church building. After considerable fundraising efforts, the foundation stone for the new church, next to the presbytery in Charnwood Road, was laid on Saturday, 4th June 1927. The plans for the new church were drawn by Messrs Young and Reid, architects of Grays Inn, in London.

The new St Winefride's church was officially opened on Tuesday, 10th April 1928. It has an overall length of 90ft and a width of 48ft. The square tower rises to 50ft in height. Grey sand faced bricks were used for the construction with Bath stone facings. The roof is of hammer beam construction made from Colombian pine and the roof is covered with Delabole slates.

(Taken from 'Shepshed's Second Spring' written and compiled by F. J. Bennett)

List of St Winefride's Parish Priests.

1840 - 1844         Fr Luigi Gentili and Fr Angelus Rinolfi
1844 - 1845         Fr Moses Furlong
1845 - 1847         Fr Fortunatus Signini
1847 - 1849         Fr William Lockhart
1849 - 1850         Fr P Huton
1850 - 1852         Fr Nicholas Lorrain
1852 - 1853         Fr John Wyse
1854 - 1858         Fr Luke Levermore
1858 - 1862         No resident priest - Served from the Monastery
1862 - 1864         Fr Thomas Gillet
1864 - 1865         Fr Angelus Van Paemel
1865 - 1869         Fr Henry Collins from the Monastery said Sunday Mass
1869 - 1870         Fr Anthony Levisse
1870 - 1917         Canon John Aloysius Martens
1916 - 1930         Canon Bernard Hobson
1930 - 1947         Canon Austin Williamson
1947 - 1951         Fr Robert Woodbridge
1951 - 1953         Fr William Purdy
1953 - 1964         Canon Leo McReavy
1964 - 1969         Fr John Paul Klee
1969 - 1971         Fr Christopher O'Brien
1971 - 1985         Canon Francis McNicholas
1985 - 1996         Canon Patrick Balfe
1996 - 2000         Fr John Daly
2000 - 2022         Fr Michael Eastwood
2022-                   Fr Patrick Bassey